Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So last Sunday was two weeks since the accident up on Mount Baker and I thought I'd post something of an update.
Overall things are progressing quite well, I can drive again and carry a backpack, laying down for more than about five hours is pretty bad, but that's what the painkillers are for.
Looking at another two weeks before I start (very slowly) training again, in the mean time it's been a lot of Starcraft and actually doing my school work.

This photo was from about a week ago, but it looks about the same now.
The big one is from the tube the emergency room people put in, the smaller one was for when the pneumo came back after they took the big one out (having a plastic tube pulled out of your chest cavity is one of the most indescribably unpleasant experiences I can recall).

On a slightly different note: why is there no bruising? I collided with a pine tree hard enough to fracture seven ribs, why am I not black and blue from armpit to pelvis? I don't get it.

Edit -
This is literally how I felt every time they asked me about my pain in the hospital:
They kept seeming surprised when I would say 2 or 3, yet would wince when I sat up.