Monday, January 27, 2014


Adam, Josh, and I climbed Whitehorse, it was an awesome time.
These photos are not exactly in chronological order, not sure why.

First view of the summit, almost hidden behind the spire.

Looking up toward High Pass

Ice flows along the traverse

Three Fingers visible just over the ridge

 High Pass is just to the left of that spire

Summit block, high point is actually on the left

Adam and Josh approaching the summit block

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Regarding the Anonymous Person Who Stole My Laptop Last Summer

Unless they immediately wiped the hard drive someone somewhere was or will be really weirded out.

I can just imagine,
"This iTunes library is equal parts Alan Parsons Project, scandinavian death metal, and Enya, what the hell?"
"There appear to be in depth plans for a futuristic floating city-state based on Puritan moralism, anti-imperial warmongering, and kelp farming, who was this guy?"
"Is this a project to re-write the Old Testament?- I can't quite tell."
"These can't possibly be his bank records, no financial institution in the world calculates interest like that, and why would he spend so much money at the post office?"
"Who creates an excel spreadsheet to log their Age of Empires progress?"

No calls from homeland security yet though, so we're all good.