Friday, October 8, 2010

Passive Engagement

Composed of equal parts self-pity, loneliness, and a crippling inability to take the initiative, i have decided to expand my social program of passive engagement (not unlike the predatory strategy of the orb-web spider, but without any ability to entrap those who come near) to re-activating this blog. in which, as before, i will be posting the stuff i write, on which i will now comment.
Borges is my most recent inspiration, he is perhaps the only Latin American author i have read who wrote on a topic other than Latin America, and his ideas, if not always his style, are astoundingly original and unlike anything i have ever read, except for at times Lovecraft (to whom he is far superior).
On a more personal note, i have abandoned poetry. For the first time i am taking an english class in which the structure of poems is analyzed and there is a craft to it that i have never been aware of and have no desire to emulate. Meter and verse are not of interest to me, i see no benefit to sounding rhythmical, it only subtracts from the gravity of whatever it is I'm trying to say. given the apparent viability of micro-prose (Borges published it alongside poetry and short stories) dividing my thoughts into stanzas is pointless.

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