Thursday, November 15, 2012

Craging and Not Craging

Frenchman Coulee (Vantage) - Oct. 21st

Just a typical day on the Sunshine Wall (seriously, this is what it's been like every time I've been here) 

The view west toward the Colombia River Gorge, every now and again the air force thinks its fun to fly fighter jets really low through it.

The first gully 

The main route to the Near End

Several walls I've never climbed on and where I think the fabled Vantage ice route comes in now and again.

Failed Attempt on North Ingalls Peak - Nov. 10-11

Mt. Stuart 

Ingalls lake

North and East Ingalls Peaks 

The beginning of the difficulties, I do not have any photos from higher up, as I was distracted alternately climbing, belaying, and being really, really cold (often two out of three).
In short: we bailed on the second pitch. It turns out that positively sloped slab/crack climbing is really hard under five inches of powder, even if the route is only 5.4 in the summer.

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