Friday, July 19, 2013

The Off Chance

What we've been up to, in no particular order - 
(labels are descriptive, not indicative, of the three peak climbs shown, only one was successful)

Index Town Walls 

Trout Creek

Chianti Spire

Merchant Peak

Mount Baring 

Eldorado Peak

Dorado Needles

Also occupying my time - 

As far as I can tell, Game of Thrones is England circa 1600 scaled up a la Song of Albion, with very unusual weather and way too much incest. It also appears that after Sean Bean dies, Peter Dinklage carries the show, but Maisie Williams is definitely the coolest character.

God Emperor of Dune - the series takes a turn for the dystopian. Its been 3500 years since Children of Dune and everything you actually liked about the original book is dead and gone, because really, its been 3500 years. All that's left is two of the least interesting characters, Duncan Idaho's ghola endlessly resurrected and Leto II refusing to shut up about how he is all of his ancestors. Frank Herbert liked that idea way too much. And yet its still better than Children of Dune; it had been awhile since i'd read that book and I hadn't remembered how much I hated what Herbert did with Alia.

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