Monday, September 2, 2013


A couple months ago Ryan and I went to Squamish. My camera battery died approximately 5 minutes into our first day, so we traded his back and forth for the weekend, and then he neglected to send me the photos. Which is why I am posting climbing pictures from July.

The rundown
Grand Wall attempt (Cruel Shoes, Split Pillar) - 6 pitches, 5.10d
Seasoned In The Sun - 1 pitch, 5.10a
Peasant Route - 5 pitches, 5.10c
The Exasperater - 1 pitch, 5.10c
Penny Lane - 1 pitch, 5.9
Popeye And The Raven - 1 pitch, 5.10c
Quarrymen - 1 pitch 5.8

 Ryan on the first pitch of the Grand Wall. It has a separate name but I can't remember it.

 Ryan on Cruel Shoes. I hated this route and will never do it again.

 Split Pillar. Would have been a lot more fun if I had not been in such a foul mood from Cruel Shoes.

 Myself leading the first pitch (5.10a) of the Peasant Route.

Myself leading the fourth pitch (5.9) of the Peasant Route.

Myself leading Penny Lane.

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