Monday, September 28, 2009

Blood of the Age

Who shall now fight the Idiot God,
who shall fall into the fiery abyss?
Who shall be Cain and Kucheláen
and hate the will of creation?

Be thou removed from this garden verdant,
bastard and villain,
a shade among men.
Be thrown from the land that was given.

Who shall know the path of man;
see the hunter and his son,
see blood pass through the age.
Deny the mind of the jealous one.

Yet icy doom shall rind this earth
those un-elect must know but fear,
the archon of the most hallowed legion
shall bend all who of the voice of man may hear

Why now hate the will of god,
why now stand unbent?
Why abandon the kingdom of gold
for the flaming seas of Valkolpynt

That man, in a fool’s instant, might,
ascend the thrown of the earth;
don the helm of vile Ek’n
and wreck bloody war on he who would rest his heel upon us.

1 comment:

  1. Without light there can be no darkness. Good luck with your adventure. one thing is for certain you won't be the same. Give me a call if you are still interested in the Forest Circus. 206.919.3369.