Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Plan

After a weekend of rest and reflection (no, I didn't spend the whole time playing Warcraft III and re-reading Harry Potter 7, really) I have finally decided on a course of action.
On October the 18th I will be departing Seattle on a train bound for New York, upon arriving I will board a plane for Dublin, Ireland, where my trek will begin. I will then walk as far as my savings allow or until I reach Israel (probably utilizing Europe's cheap commuter airlines for the crossing of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas, should I get that far), which ever comes sooner; at which point I will either A) return to Seattle and find a job to save money for my next venture or B) find employment where-ever I end up and do likewise.

subsequent trips may include
- joining the French Foreign Legion
- backpacking through Scandinavia and/or the Alps
- wandering into the wilderness of the Mackenzie Mountain lowlands and living as a hunter-gatherer

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