Monday, February 7, 2011

I Hold Four Hydras IV

I hate
Have I never
Found is the word
Hers is a cruel gaze to see my eyes but not their fear

I, the whole of hell within
Have you, Catullus
Found such a bullet in your ventricle for
Her to parse?

I write on air flowing into the four winds
Have you, Catullus
Found such waves filled with the promises of the Lethe
Her image failing even as it is composed?

I fear all things unpromised
Have fictions unturned
Found I never
Her name

I hold four hydras
Mythic beasts that never bred upon the earth
And their poison runs within me

Special thanks to Dr. Andrew Tadie, the concept of patience, and the irreconcilable unity of envy and disdain.


  1. I have enjoyed reading these. Were they an assignment or an exercise you came up with yourself or just something you've been working on?

  2. glad you liked it.
    It started as just a badly disguised hysteric outburst (there are only four important words in the first one), but i started wondering what i could do with the structure that would give it multiple levels of meaning.
    I'm interested to know, the whole thing was an exercise is being super obvious and completely obtuse at the same time, did it make more or less sense than my other writing?

  3. It made more sense than most, I think, but not the most sense ever in your writing.