Sunday, August 19, 2012

South Twin

South Twin, the high point of Twin Sisters Mountain (perhaps massif would be a better term), is a 6932 ft peak in the North Cascades, just southwest of Mount Baker.

The end of the logging road, we stashed our bikes in the bushes nearby.

Adam and Greg foraging for sustenance; the huckleberries were slightly less than ripe, but still very tart.

Just breaking out of the forest.

A very old log cabin.


An excellent camp spot, and only 4700 ft!

The North Twin, although lower in elevation, is a slightly more popular climb.

False summits and the South Twin on the far left.

The southern peaks of Twin Sisters Mountain.

Mount Baker, with Colfax Peak, Lincoln Peak, and Assassin Spire to the left.


Approaching the summit.

Olivine, a green mineral that occasionally produces gem-quality crystals.

What looks like lichen is actually tiny crystals, scrambling without gloves would be very ill-advised.

Re-filling our canteens before the final descent.

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