Monday, August 13, 2012

Ptarmigan, Hardy, Index Town Wall

These are some extraneous photos from the last few weeks.
More and better photos of the Ptarmigan Traverse should be posted here fairly soon, the full trip report is here.
Mount Hardy is an 8000 ft peak off of highway 20, likely because there is no trail we were the second party of the year.
I don't know the name of the route we did on the Index Town Wall, only that it was more or less straight up from the approach trail to the Lower Town Wall.

Ptarmigan Traverse

Our route through Cache Col.

Leaving Kool-aid Lake.

Mix-Up Peak - a climb for later this summer

Johannesburg Mountain - considered one of the 10 most difficult summits in the Cascades

Magic Mountain with the snow dome I reached just visible.

Down-climbing from the Spider-Formidable col.

Spider-Formidable Col, correct route is down the snow finger on the right, our route took us across the buttress to the left. 

Leaving the Le Conte Glacier.

Near the top of the Dana Glacier.

Ascending to the ridge above Cub Lake.

Mount Hardy

The wider section of the road is a chain-up area, if you look close you can see our car.

My climbing partners for the day: Adam and Josh (aka Gimpilator and Josh Lewis of Summitpost renown)

The slightly more intense north face of Hardy Peak.

Tower Mountain and the PCT.

The summit.

Index Town Wall

Index and Persis across the valley.

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