Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mount Shuksan

I've had it with this hwy-2, I-90, Alpine Lakes Wilderness nonsense, the North Cascades is where its at.

A maintained trail. 

An unmaintained trail. 

Shannon Ridge

The notch in view.

High camp on the upper right.

Approaching high camp.

First view of the Summit Pyramid with the Sulphide Glacier below

Terminus of the Crystal Glacier

X marks the spot?

An interesting bouldering problem (for another trip).

First light - 4:00ish

Approaching the Summit Pyramid.

Rock step to the last snowfield.

The crux of the gully (by my evaluation)

From the summit, either the Upper Curtis or the Hanging Glacier.

Sulphide rim route curves around, staying fairly close to the crest to the right of the glacier.

Descending through the mist below the notch.

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  1. Such mist! Such fantastic mist! I want to go there. And that 4:00ish photo is beautiful.