Saturday, December 28, 2013

Back in Banff - More Beer, More Ghosts

Forgot the camera cord this time, so updates are going to be somewhat more infrequent [gasp!]. Anyways, yesterday we went to the beer climbs outside Field and did Guinness Gully and Guinness Stout, and today we went to the South Ghost and climbed Wicked Wanda and Malignant Mushroom.
Ice is fat, temps cool but not frigid, and we've only had one unprotectable death pitch! Unfortunately avalanche danger is relatively high, so we're having to put the Icefield Parkway climbs we wanted to do on hold, but there is plenty to do elsewhere.

Guinness Gully crux pitch (3rd of 3)

Ryan on Guinness Stout

Ghost River Wilderness

Wicked Wanda, 1st pitch (WI4) ends at obvious ledge, second pitch (WI4+++) was very techy and weird.

Malignant Mushroom alternate start

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