Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Banff - WI6..?

So Ryan thought the WI4 and 5 climbs we had been doing were a little too easy (second pitch of Wicked Wanda excluded), so we went for some WI6 climbs. This went well, except that none of them were really in WI6 shape. The ice is just too fat this year.

Ryan on Whiteman Falls, another party on Red Man Soars, a mixed climb we had done earlier in the day.

Kananaskis Country

Whiteman was largely composed of a translucent layer of ice, maybe 5 inches thick, under which flowing water could clearly be seen.

Fearful Symmetry in unusually fat shape, also completely hooked out, making for very fun, easy climbing.

Rainbow Serpent; apparently in Australian Aboriginal folklore the Rainbow Serpent is a mythic deity know particularly for bringing rain. The name is fitting, the first half of this climb was a goddamn river.

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